What is Divinia

Divinia is the next-generation e-commerce search destination.

People have a right to the information they need. We’re in the long-tail economy and Divinia bridges the huge amount and types of data with what consumers and businesses need.

Our unique Natural Language Processing (NLP) insights and suite of products have evolved search for consumers, marketers and e-commerce sites. Frustrated with the confines of today’s Search capabilities, the Divinia team reinvented the science of data analytics with our AI-centered technologies such as Unsupervised Learning and Sentiment Analysis to deliver more accurate, faster, and unbiased results at scale.

Our NLP expertise allows our technology to extract and index authentic insights about searchable options 100x more accurately and faster than other leading search providers, delivering an improved experience for consumers, stronger conversion rates, and lead generation opportunities for e-commerce sites and marketers.

When compared to other prominent leaders in the search and marketing space, here is how Divinia stands out in terms of extracting authentic insights about consumer interest and intent.

Divinia’s Milestones


Ji Fang graduates Stanford with a PHD in Computational Linguistics

The Goal

Ji develops the idea of averaging UGC to help consumers make more informed choices.

Breakthrough 1

Ji develops industry leading sentiment analysis with 80% to 90% accuracy.

Breakthrough 2

Ji develops the first Unsupervised Learning algorithm leverageable in real world applications.

Version 1.0

Our Natural Language Processing Engine was launched and proven.


Divinia is launched to help connect people with information, and businesses to people.


Divinia is awarded as one of the most promising e-commerce technology solution providers by CIOReview.

Our Mission

At Divinia, we are on a mission to improve the search experience for consumers, marketers, and e-commerce sites. Our Natural Language Processing expertise connects people with information they want and businesses with consumers they care about.

Our Vision

Someday everyone will look at consumers, search, and data the way we do.
Today it’s Divinia.